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Town Government / WO Public Schools Failing again!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on February 16, 2017, 05:38:46 AM »
WO Public Schools are a disaster...the latest school violence reports are put and WO ranks as the second most violent school district in Essex County with over 125 violent crime incidents reported in 2016.  WO was only beat out by Newark, no surprise.  Even districts like Irvington, Orange and East Orange had less violence reported than West Orange.

Our children are not safe in the WO public schools and this is alarming!!!   Why hasn't the administration and elected board done anything to combat the crime in our schools.  Children are bringing guns, weapons, drugs and gang activities into our schools every day and the Superintendent and School Board do absolutely nothing to protect the safety of our children.  Why don't they care?  Are these people locking themselves in their offices and ivory towers to protect themselves from the violence before our children are subjected to these violent criminals.  We need to purge the school system of this criminal element, cowardly administration and incompetent Board members.

This Board of Ed has proven to be ineffective. We have teachers who have no contracts for years now, criminals in our schools, jihadis infiltrating our schools and threatening our children's safety.  We must call for the immediate resignation of the superintendent and board of ed members and have a special election to install a new board of education which will take the safety and welfare of our children as a priority!!
Town Government / West Orange is safer today!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on January 28, 2017, 02:04:19 PM »
Not because of anything that the failed Mayor Parisi did, or because of any action by the incompetent council minions, or because of anything that any local or state elected official did.

West Orange is safer today because of President Trump.  The new immigration orders took effect today and already jihadi muslim terrorists are being turned away from our shores.

Mayor Parisi opened WO to Muslim Jihadi Terrorists and allowed one to camp out amongst our peaceful families and it resulted in an innocent young life being taken from his family and friends.  This same muslim jihadist terrorist was allowed by Mayor Parisi to begin recruiting residents for the evil muslim jihadi regime and several of his recruits took part in the sick evil killing of our young innocent community member.  Why Mayor Paris failed to protect us and why he opened the doors of our town to evil muslim jihadi terrorists whose only aim was to kill us...perhaps Mayor Parisi is just stupid, incompetent, or there was some secret agenda.

But we can all go to bed tonight and sleep safely knowing that President Trump is closing the borders of our country to these evil doers and turning them away before sick minded individuals like Mayor Parisi allow them to come live amongst us and kill us.  This is a momentous day and should go down in history as the day of freedom for American Citizens.  We no longer have to allow the muslim jihadi terrorists to come into our homes and perform their evil acts.  We have a strong good president who will protect and defend us and have rid ourselves of the weak feckless leader of eight years past.

West Orange is safer tonight and we should all celebrate!!!
Town Government / The day has finally arrived!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on January 20, 2017, 05:56:33 AM »
Coming to you from Washington DC as family and friends gather to celebrate the historic inauguration of our 45th president.  So many people walking around town with such a high level of energy filled with anxious excitement about the prosperous future ahead of us all and the greatness that President Trump will bring back to our country and its citizens.  Not since Ronald Reagan has there been such energy and enthusiasm for the future of America.

All of this inspires us to forget about the evils that we still must deal with at home in West Orange.  A mayor who openly opposes senior citizens of our community, the very foundation upon which our community was built and once thrived is cast aside by Rob Parisi and his henchmen.  But the enthusiasm of President Trump will empower us to change the course of history for WO and remove the despot Parisi form power in the next election.

There are some misguided members of the WO community who will be protesting in front of town hall on Saturday.  We must protect and defend their right to protest however we must also work to help educate them that the era of President Trump will mean such great things for us all and the sooner they embrace the energy they too can share in the optimism of our great future.

West Orange is riddled with crime, town hall is full of corrupt individuals, we have a failed educational system, our property taxes are unimaginably too high, Mayor Parisi works against the good citizens to promote the evil agenda of the WO Machine, but today we celebrate the great beginning of an American rebirth of hope an prosperity.  We must all stand together and look to the fantastic future we will enjoy for at least the next four years!!!

While many of you cannot be here in Washington with us and will watch the events on TV I am sure you will feel the excitement and see our great future ahead in the many faces of those here celebrating this momentous historic occasion and what this will mean for our little corner of America, West Orange.
Town Government / Merry Christmas
« Last post by WO4Trump on December 24, 2016, 01:07:15 PM »
Wow..we can actually say Merry Christmas again and can forego the PC Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!!!

So much to be thankful for this year as our President Elect provides the hope of a great and prosperous future.  He is bringing hope to so many people throughout the world.  The Taiwanese, the Israelis and so many other countries are reaching out to the soon to be POTUS and expressing their need for American assistance and partnership which was abandoned over the last 8 years or the failed Obama administration.  The people of Syria and especially Allepo are hopeful that President Trump will bring about peace to their region and allow them to live their lives and not be people which Barak Obama and the Democrats left to die. 

Christmas is a time of great hope because of the birth of Jesus Christ and each year as we celebrate it allows us each to renew our hope for ourselves, our families and the world.  This Christmas we must open our hearts and allow Christ to renew our hope!!  Reach out to your friends and families and wish everyone a Merry Christmas of Hope and Renewed faith!!!

Unfortunately there are those among us who wish to squash this hope.  The evil Rob Parisi recently asked a long time member of our community to resign from a post where he has been a valuable contributor and has given no reason for his illicit action.  He has used his strongmen John McElroy and Mega Brill to carry out his dastardly deed this time, unlike last time when he used Trenk and Sayers.  Parisi is much like Bashar Al-Asad in that he does not want good for the people he was elected to serve, rather he wants the power to control and dictate the failed agenda of the WO machine that has given us rising property taxes, increasing crime, failing schools, wasted spending, political corruption, etc.  This November was a mixed bag for us in WO as the hope of a great new president elect gave way to the dismal despair of the re-election fo the WO machine cronies Guarino and Casalino.  But in two year we will have the opportunity to correct this despair and vote out Rob Parisi and send him packing.  So yes WO people there is hope to come and a renewal that Christ is with us to protect us from these evil doers. If we continue to live our Christian values then America wins and we win!!  Jesus Christ is the light by which we can fight those with failed morals and corrupt agendas.  We must choose to walk in this light and bring the great hope to our community and only then will we prevail against the evil doers of the WO Political Machine.

May your hopes turn to wishes and may all of your wishes come true.  Merry Christmas to all!!!
Town Government / What an embarrasment!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on December 16, 2016, 05:29:42 PM »
at last weeks council meeting significant time was devoted to eulogizing Mike Fabiano, a bully and alt-left communist who did nothing good for the people of West Orange.  We had Patty aka Mrs Michael Fabiano Spango come out along with John McKeon and even the failed Senator Dick came out.

But what had to be the most nauseating display was Jack Sayers bowing down and kissing the feet of Dick.  Chasing after him because he left his umbrella.  Yes our own little Jack Sayers is a Codey brown noser in case it wasn't already apparent he sure made a sad display of it in front of everyone there.
Town Government / Corrupt Mayor Parisi
« Last post by WO4Trump on November 29, 2016, 06:37:50 PM »
just pulled off a huge pay-to-play scam and the council just rubber stamped it.  Seems the mayor and his administration decied to provide millions of dollars in tax breaks to the owners of certain commercial properties in town who just so happen to also be the landlord for one RD Parisi Associates.  The tax abatements date back to 2011 and for Mayor Parisi's landlord alone amounts to over $22 million. 

Imagine what could be done with over $20 million dollars for our town and the residents but apparently it pays to be "friends of the mayor".  And now the hard working taxpayers of WO can expect to se yet another year of increased tax bills show up in their mail boxes while the Mayor's landlord gets big discounts.

The corruption going on with this administration is criminal and needs to be investigated.  We must also start now to position a candidate and platform to replace Crooked Rob come 2018, he has already started to amass a war chest to tighten his grip on his corrupt reign come 2018 and we must fight it starting now!!
Town Government / What a night!! Congratulations WO!!!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on November 09, 2016, 05:46:31 AM »
So America has spoken and President Elect Trump is our next leader...this is such good news for the country and all Americans.  We can put the last 8 years of nightmare behind us, we can put the Clintons in jail where they belong and America will be Great Again.

The down ballot senate and house also show that Americans have given President Trump a clear mandate to make the changes he has spoken about ... Real immigration Reform, repeal the disastrous obamacare, rebuild our military, secure our borders against the criminal Latin Americans and Jihadi Muslims, ,and flush the sewers in Washington DC.!!!

We should all be proud to say we are Americans today as President Trump begins his transition from the former feckless Obama.

Unfortunately for the local elections things  did not fair as well, incumbents were all given another three years to do more damage and destruction.  Clearly the corruption will continue at 66 Main and 179 Eagle Rock. Dirty Jerry Guarino took the top spot and time will tell if he is challenged on his unethical and dishonest behavior.  Until the people of West Orange wake up and elect real leaders who support the people this town will continue to spiral into the toilet and will be the next Irvington/East Orange/Orange.  White flight is real people and pretty soon this town will beyond the point of no return.  Crime is rampant, Corruption is pervasive and the local electorate is just plain stupid!!
Town Government / Re: Election Day Update!!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on November 08, 2016, 06:07:24 PM »
This is a page out of the Crooked Hillary campaign book.  Lyin Jerry has to cheat and Lie to win.  Did he get the debate questions ahead of time also?  This man is crooked and cannot be trusted.  Look at his failed record as councilman and how he must lie to embellish his lack of accomplishments for the people of West Orange. 

At least Casalino comes right out and says that she is on Team Parisi and not for the people of West Orange.  Crossed eyed Jerry has to lie and cheat!!!
Town Government / Election Day Update!!!
« Last post by WO4Trump on November 08, 2016, 03:09:05 PM »
So weeks ago we declared that the number one issue facing the voters of West Orange was corruption...and doesn't the WO Corruption Machine rear it's ugly head on the eve of the election with Lying Jerry Guarino and his henchmen doing a hatchet job on the WO Chronicle Editorial to remove any reference to their Endorsement of Joe Krakoviak. 

Suddenly the WO FB pages are all lit up with demands for Lyin Kerry Guarino to step down as a result of his corrupt and misleading acts.  The campaign response has been that they removed references to Mr. Krakoviak to be in compliance with election laws, but interestingluy enough they didn't remove the references to Ms. Casalino.  So how is it in violation of the law to remove one candidates endorsement but not the other?

In the past most campaign have just blurred out the endorsements of their opponents however in this case the doctored article made it look as though there were only two endorsements and not three that the editorial made.  The WO Chronicle has responded and we are waiting for word from candidate Guarino himself but don't hold your breath folks.

In furtherance of the corruption we have the son of the township attorney running Mr. Guarino's campaign and putting out the spin but not backing it up with the laws he says they would have violated. 

Until we get rid of the corrupt political machine lackeys in WO it will be the same old tax and spend, and tow the line for the mayur!!
Town Government / Pre-election Update
« Last post by WO4Trump on November 08, 2016, 05:34:07 AM »
So just a few last minute updates before you head on out to the polls...

1. Both Jerry Guarino and Michelle Casalino have accepted campaign funds from Robert Parisi.  So it becomes obvious now why they always vote the way Parisi tells them to instead of for the best interest of the people they were elected to represent.

2. Jerry Guarino still hates the senior citizens and feels they have enough services.

3. Mark Robertson went on a tirade against the WOTAP for calling him an incumbent.  I guess the truth can hurt.  Anyway he had all sorts of vile accusations, just a few of which were feels that he knew all along that the teachers and union were dissatisfied but was legally unable to do anything, Laura Lab is a dictator (this one probably has some truth to it for those of us who have had the displeasure of working with this vile woman) and goes out of her way to exclude him from meetings, decisions and makes statements on behalf of the board without consulting him...I guess he doesn't have the cajones to speak for himself but is good at complaining.

Remember to get out and vote for the people who will represent us in the best interest of the taxpayers and not people like Guraino, Casalino and Perkowski!
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