Author Topic: WO Public Schools Failing again!!  (Read 228 times)

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WO Public Schools Failing again!!
« on: February 16, 2017, 05:38:46 AM »
WO Public Schools are a disaster...the latest school violence reports are put and WO ranks as the second most violent school district in Essex County with over 125 violent crime incidents reported in 2016.  WO was only beat out by Newark, no surprise.  Even districts like Irvington, Orange and East Orange had less violence reported than West Orange.

Our children are not safe in the WO public schools and this is alarming!!!   Why hasn't the administration and elected board done anything to combat the crime in our schools.  Children are bringing guns, weapons, drugs and gang activities into our schools every day and the Superintendent and School Board do absolutely nothing to protect the safety of our children.  Why don't they care?  Are these people locking themselves in their offices and ivory towers to protect themselves from the violence before our children are subjected to these violent criminals.  We need to purge the school system of this criminal element, cowardly administration and incompetent Board members.

This Board of Ed has proven to be ineffective. We have teachers who have no contracts for years now, criminals in our schools, jihadis infiltrating our schools and threatening our children's safety.  We must call for the immediate resignation of the superintendent and board of ed members and have a special election to install a new board of education which will take the safety and welfare of our children as a priority!!